PyCon Au 2018 Schedule

Posted on 2018-08-20 00:00:00 +0800

Monday 20/8

  • Breakfast: Eggs Benedict and flat white at fire station cafe
  • Lunch: Powerhouse cafe
  • Dinner: Newtown Hotel and Quiz night

Tuesday 21/8

  • Breakfast for lunch (cornflakes from the airbnb)
  • HSP at Metro One for dinner (the train was out so I took the replacement bus)

Wednesday 22/8

  • Visited the Laundromat to do some washing
  • Dean’s diner for Lunch
  • Met up with some PyCon people via slack and had afternoon tea at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café
  • Had dinner with them at Din Tai Fung
  • After dinner went to Emporer Cream Puffs for desert

Thursday 23/8

  • The Pie Tin for lunch
  • Bubble tea at Chatime in the city
  • Headed back to Newtown, had dinner at Soul Burger
  • Watched Mirai at the little cinemas in Newtown (was pretty good)
  • Had apple crumble with ice cream at The Pie Tin

Friday 24/8

Saturday 25/8

Sunday 26/8

Monday 27/8

  • Breakfast: Rising Sun Workshop again (Breakfast Ramen)
  • Lunch: Mad Mex
  • Dinner: Newtown Hotel for trivia and schnitzel

Tuesday 28/8

  • Breakfast: sandwich from ICC
  • Lunch: gozleme
  • the Pumphouse for drinks/snacks
  • Nicky’s game night, dinner

Wednesday 29/8

  • Lunch: ordered in mac & cheese from Deliveroo
  • Dinner: spaghetti carbonara from Favola

Thursday 30/8

  • Lunch: fancy pork and pasta from Websters bar
  • Dinner: Belly Bao

Friday 31/8

  • Breakfast: Eggs benedict at the Fire Station Cafe (again, bc symmetry)
  • Lunch: Falafal with Nicky